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cathealth's Journal

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Cat Health
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Welcome to the Cat Health Community!
Come here to ask questions about your cat's health, hopefully you will get an answer!

Your love for your cat is a very special bond and people like you worry about your cat's health. People like that are very precious. I founded this community to help those in need and for those that also want to help with a person's very special family member.

Enjoy your stay and bless you all that help a very special person and cat in need. ^_^

Created by: tiggychan
Your moderators are: karmen + ladymalen

Email if there is anyone thats causing trouble within the community and needs to be taken care of. Remember this is a loving community. You can also e-mail to find out if a certain kind of post is allowed.

Also PLEASE PLEASE tag your posts so other people may be helped as well!

Absolutely no community promos!
And no donation / money requests!
No picture spam posts!
No adoption/foster posts!
All of the above must be approved by a mod or will be deleted.

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