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Inappropriate Bathroom Behavior [Jul. 20th, 2012|07:13 pm]
Cat Health


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So, our drama is ongoing with my diabetic cat. She has never really been that great about getting the litter box but since her spot was in an unfinished basement room with cement floors, I didn't care too much. I would just regularly clean the areas. Well, then she started peeing at the front door. Okay, that's her spot so I bought puppy pee pads. That seemed to work okay.

The final straw was her using another corner of the living room to pee. It's laminate floors so not too too bad but it got near/on the rug. This week, she decided to start doing other business there. She's been to the vet (Monday actually). This time around, the vet said we need to retrain her to use the litter box. So, she's in the basement bathroom with a clean litter box (some cat attract litter per vet's instructions). As soon as we put up the barrier, she became rather distraught.

Any tips/suggestions for this situation? We also bought some Wellness No-Grain cat food, keep her on that for a while then see where her glucose levels are.

Seriously, I am about at my wit's end with her. I won't do anything drastic, but this has been a rather frazzling period of time with her. She's about 12-13 years old but yeesh.

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[User Picture]From: kadevha
2012-07-21 02:32 pm (UTC)
The litter boxes are in the basement. It's not that she can't make it to the box as she seems to go out of her way to pee in a basement bedroom too. It's just right across the hall from the storage room where we keep their boxes. We used to only have two but we have since added another litter box since these issues started. It's not helped.
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