snippy_kitty (snippy_kitty) wrote in cathealth,

How long can a cat go without peeing?

Hello all:

I am afraid that my oldest cat Shadow is having trouble peeing. I spoke to the vet and we agreed that to first place him under observation and if he doesn't pee by tomorrow AM to take him in for an examination.

He recently had a health scare but since then has been in good form: he is eating and drinking normally, moving around without trouble, and beating up everyone who gets in his way. The only reason I got worried is that last night when he was in the litter box he was crying. It could be because he was mad at me for something or it could be because he is having trouble.

I have locked him in the bathroom with his own food water and litter box. It's been six hours, he has sworn up a storm, eaten half the food (his favorite soft food) but not used the litter box. I am wondering how long can a pissed-off cat go without peeing. I should note that Shadow is not known for his sweet and loving nature. In fact, he is the most psychotic, pain-in-the ass cat I have had the privilege to know.

Edited to add: He peed! Yessss! He is going to vet for a precautionary check up anyway. It was rather touching to see him sitting on one side of the bathroom door crying to be let out and his boyfriend the Gigolokitty sitting on the other side crying away along with him.

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