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Responsible Cat Owner Alert: AAFP Releases Updated Cat Vaccination Guidelines (U.S.)

Originally posted by aviv_b at Responsible Cat Owner Alert: AAFP Releases Updated Cat Vaccination Guidelines (U.S.)
The American Association of Feline Practitioners has released new Vaccination Guidelines, endorsed by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

Full article here:
The schedule is more conservative in the types and frequency of vaccinations. For indoor cats see Table 2.

New injection sites are recommended due to vaccine related carcinomas.  You may want to take this with you to discuss with your vet (particularly if they are not a cat-only vet) during your cat's next appointment.

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taking meanie cat to the vet?

My older cat, Ella, has a clear spot on her eye. It doesn't seem painful or irritated, and there's no discharge, so I'm waiting a little while. If it's not better by tomorrow I'll call the vet and make an appointment.

Does anyone have any suggestions for taking a notoriously obnoxious kitty to the vet? Of particular note, I don't have a car, so I'll be getting a taxi if we go (15 minute ride there). Ella is quite large--17 pounds--so she's hard to hold, too. (She'll be in a carrier there and back, but she's been described as "fractious" by multiple vets.)

Here's Queen Ella:

pretty Ella
Captain Kitty

Cat Shedding/Vomiting

Hi All...

The cat:

Amelia... 3 years old, fixed, indoor only, female, grey shorthair. Had a tiny amount of crystals in her urine in late January, so the vet put her on Hills c/d dry. She won't eat the canned version.

The problem:

These last two weeks she has vomited about 4-5 times (that I am aware of. I have 4 cats, so its hard to tell)  The vomit is undigested food mixed with clear or slightly bile/food colored vomit. No blood and no actual hairballs, though I did notice tonight there was loose hair in the vomit.   (two of my other cats have been vomiting a bit as well off and on for the last month, they are long haired cats and I have seen them produce hairballs)

Edit*  I also wanted to mention she grooms herself a LOT. I mean, way more than any of my other cats do. I see her grooming her self all the time. After I pet her, just once, she goes and grooms the spot I touched. So I know she is kind of a over groomer.

She is playing, drinking, peeing (haven't caught her pooping yet, so unsure) and I've seen her eat the regular cat food I have out, but since the vomiting started, she doesn't want the c/d anymore. I don't blame her, she probably sees some kind of connection with that food and vomiting. (maybe I give her too much credit there)

I'm assuming its maybe a hairball or just hair in general that is making this happen, because last year (I don't recall at what point last year) she did something just like this for a couple of weeks. Vomiting, no actual hairballs and so on. I bought a Furminator and found that though I wasn't seeing any shed hair from her around the house, when brushed, I was getting HUGE clumps off of her. After about a week of daily brushing and hairballs meds, she stopped vomiting and was fine.  I think I may have taken her to the vet about this last year as well.

Anyway, she is doing the exact same thing. So I Furminated her tonight and yep, HUGE clumps of fur came off of her. I also picked up some hairball gel today.  I was thinking I might pick up some wheat grass for her to munch on, in case she has something in there she needs to get up.

I'm curious.. I'm used to owning long haired cats.  Do short haired cats tend to shed a lot?  Is this a normal time of year to see such heavy shedding (I live in the Seattle area and we've had a pretty mild winter so far)  Is there anything else I should do?  Should I be worried?.. like, rush her to the vet tomorrow. Or should I give it a couple of days with good brushing and the hairballs meds?

Also, since she won't eat the Hills c/d anymore, any suggestions on something else I should try or just go for whatever gets her to eat?

I'm a pretty paranoid cat mom. I've been through kitty diabetes, IBD, pancreatitis, kidney disease, cats eating lilies and so on. So over the years I've gotten to the point that every little thing they do that seems off to me makes me worry and freak out.

Any help would be great!

Thank you

breaking up with my vet

I think I'm going to break up with my vet. I don't have a problem with him, he's a good compassionate vet but...

his office manager left/was let go (I'm not sure which really) and the past few months I haven't gotten any notifications for upcoming appointments. On top of this my 20+ cat passed away, I got TWO condolence phone calls from the oncologist who met him once, I got phone calls from my friends who don't even like animals... but nothing from the vet who treated him in his last days. To be honest, I was put off by this.

(I had sent a note to the office that Oscar had passed and the oncologist notified the practice, so they do know my cat died.)

he is a good vet, he has a holistic approach and is very open to alternative medicine. He didn't insist I vaccinate my indoor only senior. He's not the cheapest guy in town but he does good work.

I have three other cats who are healthy ... am I overreacting? I know I'm taking the whole thing very personally... what would you do? there are other vets in the area who have been recommended to me.

*sorry this isn't a cat health question, more like a 'people mental health' post*

what would you do?
PS I used the memorial tag, I didn't know which other one was appropriate
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Inappropriate Bathroom Behavior

So, our drama is ongoing with my diabetic cat. She has never really been that great about getting the litter box but since her spot was in an unfinished basement room with cement floors, I didn't care too much. I would just regularly clean the areas. Well, then she started peeing at the front door. Okay, that's her spot so I bought puppy pee pads. That seemed to work okay.

The final straw was her using another corner of the living room to pee. It's laminate floors so not too too bad but it got near/on the rug. This week, she decided to start doing other business there. She's been to the vet (Monday actually). This time around, the vet said we need to retrain her to use the litter box. So, she's in the basement bathroom with a clean litter box (some cat attract litter per vet's instructions). As soon as we put up the barrier, she became rather distraught.

Any tips/suggestions for this situation? We also bought some Wellness No-Grain cat food, keep her on that for a while then see where her glucose levels are.

Seriously, I am about at my wit's end with her. I won't do anything drastic, but this has been a rather frazzling period of time with her. She's about 12-13 years old but yeesh.

Kitty cold

My two year old tortie Katzen came home from her last vet visit with the sneezes. Her baby brother Marco Polo, age 3 months, had them too - but he got over them in a few days. It's now about a week and Katzen is definitely getting more sneezey. Normally I would take her right to the vet, but the problem is our car has died so I have to wait till the weekend to hitch a ride with a friend.

She's still eating / drinking / playing as normal. Her eyes are clear with no discharge coming from them, but she's very sneezy and keeps washing her face as if she's trying to get her nose to stop that.

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable until we can get to the vet to have her checked out this weekend?
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Neutering- at what age?

When is the best (and safest) time to neuter a kitten? We've got two males at home, they just turned 5 months. Vet told us that it can be done at 3 months and they have to stay at the office for half a day, but I was doubtful. I am thinking about 6 months, but want to hear your opinion. And also, I heard that flat-faced breeds have problems with anastasia, is that true? I am worried sick about my kittens. On top of that I think that vet that tells me that declawing danger is overrated and that neutering at three months is great, that vet has to go. I am searching for the new doctor right now(
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adjusting to a major change in my cat's life.

so my newest and tiniest cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today (this was just one surprise of many. who knew my supposed 3.5-year-old is actually closer to 11 years old?). we're opting to medicate rather than going the radiation route because holy hell is that treatment EXPENSIVE.

anyway. i never had pets growing up, so i never dealt with a pet that has to be on drugs for any length of time. how much different can i expect her to be once she's on the meds? i was told to look for some lethargy initially and potential food refusal while her thyroid evens out, but is there anything else i should be worried about? about how long can i reasonably expect her to live? she's at least 10 right now. i'd like to have her around for a long time. it's already killing me knowing that she's so much older than the rescue told me when i brought her home 2 years ago.

Crazed Cat, Help!

I seriously don't know what to do about my cat's behavior. I've had Gus since he was 5 weeks and he's almost two now. We recently moved across the country from Texas to Oregon. We live in a huge three bedroom with two roommates.
I have tried to transition Gus slowly, mainly keeping him in my room. There's one other kitty, Milo, and we have been very slow in introducing them. Milo was upset in the very beginning but is now very mellow and wants to play with Gus. Gus is having none of it. He will either hiss and back away or run into the closet. It's very disconcerting. I think Gus may be very upset, he grew up with my other cat, Max. But I couldn't find anyone who would let me move in here in Portland with more than one pet. Luckily, some really awesome friends of a friend wanted Max and he is in a happy home. But Gus just isn't adjusting. We have been here since June 3rd.
To make things worse, I work swing shift and usually get home a little before midnight, then usually I am in bed around 1 a.m. Once I go to bed, Gus goes crazy, running around scratching on all the walls and chirping(doesn't really have a regular meow). I have tried playing with him with toys before bed, he has a scratcher, I give him food and treats, give him lots of cuddling. The windows in my room are sort of high up but I will put him up in the window a couple of times so he can look out. I carefully tested and he is able to get down just fine.
Nothing works, he just keeps going crazy and I get no sleep. I have tried spraying him with a water bottle, but it only stops him for a second, then he starts right back up.
I am exasperated as I can't get a good night's sleep and I hate for him to be unhappy. We also just got new downstairs neighbors and I am concerned they are going to be upset with the noise. I have heard them stirring a little after Gus has started up.
I'm really surprised at his behavior, in Texas he was my outgoing cat, would always greet strangers and other visitors at the door, etc, but now he is the opposite. We lived in a house in Texas for a year with another person, multiple cats and a small dog, and Gus was fine with all of them. He didn't love the dog playing with him, but he knew hot to get away from her.
I would appreciate any suggestions for how to help him. Thanks very much in advance!