Calamity J. Cowgirl Revolution (ihavemeaning) wrote in cathealth,

Cat in heat: is the Q-tip method safe?

First of all, this is NOT MY CAT. It belongs to my housemate who, despite being all for animal rights and buying Lilly food made from human grade meat, has never spayed the poor girl. Yes, I know this is irresponsible. Yes, I'm aware of the health risks of not spaying a cat. But it isn't my cat. I'd pay for it if I felt even 50% sure that Ms. Responsible Financial Priority would ever pay me back.

At any rate, Lilly the cat is a 3 year old unspayed female. She was in heat - literally, for three months. Last week was peaceful. And now she's started up again. I insist that Lilly stay in my housemate's room during these times. Even still, the constant yowling really annoys me. Also, my cats (both fixed, of course) have taken to imitating her yowl. I am not pleased.

Somebody brought up the qtip method as a means of stimulating ovulation in Lilly and, thus, bringing her out of heat. But is this procedure safe? Does anybody know of websites on the subjects with a bit more authority than message boards? How much qtip action does a kitty need to stimulate the necessary hormones?

I think my housemate is finally saving up to get Lilly spayed. But in the meantime, I am sick and tired of living with the noisy product of her irresponsibility.
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