Ruby-Che [she looked like a distant queen....] (sio) wrote in cathealth,
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possibly ingested sleeping pill?

i'm afraid my kitty may have eaten an expired sleeping pill (Simply Sleep, an OTC brand). i found the box on the floor and one blister packet was open and missing one. but since it looks like it was pulled open (not chewed), i can't remember if it was one i took before they expired or not. the package says they expired last October.

i found an odd, small bluish hairball earlier...the color made me think about it since the pills are blue. is there any symptoms i should look for? i'm sure these pills are toxic to cats (as they are made for humans). i don't see anything out of the ordinary but i don't know what time it was ingested if she did eat it--or how long it would take to cause harm.

any advice would be helpful...i'm very worried abt her. :( thanks.
Tags: things toxic to cats
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