sarah (dysfunctioned) wrote in cathealth,

11 month old spayed- open wound

my female cat was spayed last friday, and everything has been going well- she has been wearing her cone, acting normal, etc. today i noticed some blood on her cone and i looked at the spot and it looks like part of her stitches may have opened up..from the cone rubbing against it when she cleans herself. it is about 1/2 cm deep and it is not open all the way but u can still see in a little. being a holiday, my vet is not open. we did speak to a vet on the phone and they said she should be okay until tomorrow because there is no blood coming out..its just a really small shallow hole.

i think i read before that there are multiple layers of stitches? i hope this is just the outer will be 1 week tomorrow.

omg i am so sick to my stomach and feel so weak and bad for her. i dont even want to go visit my family because i feel like i need to be here with her :( i really just want to cry right now.

do you think i should try to disinfect the area at all with epsom salt water or anything?

anyone else experience anything like this :(

UPDATE: she has gone back to the vet and is sealed up, on antibiotics, and the vet said everything underneath felt good! hope she heals well from here- she has 2 staples now

poor maggie <3
Tags: spay/neutering
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