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How often do your cats poop?

Hi everyone,

This may be kind of a silly question, but how often do your cats poop?  I ask because my husband and I are amazed at the average of ten bowel movements produced daily between two six-month-old kittens.  The bowel movements are well-formed; no diarrhea from either cat.     

We know this because we are both quite fastidious about scooping up after them; we live in a tiny place that we don't want to smell of cats, and luckily, I am home most of the day to keep up with them. 

We have asked around to friends who own cats, but all of them are in the habit of only cleaning their box out once a week or so and really have no idea as to the frequency with which their kitties poop. 

And just out of curiosity, how often do you all scoop poop?  And clean out the entire box/change litter?  From what our friends were saying, we seem to be way anal about keeping up with our litter boxes.


 ETA: They free feed and eat Natural Balance duck/green pea kibble.
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