Aeryn (aeryn) wrote in cathealth,

Big, round, hard belly?

I volunteer at PetSmart taking care of the cats up for adoption. For the past few weeks we've had a sweet tabby named Mu Shu. She's gotten larger and larger as she's been here. Her belly is very round and hard. She has lots of belly fluff so I can't tell if she's spayed - she SHOULD be though, all our cats are. However if she had a previous owner they will check for a scar.

Could she be pregnant? Her nipples are pointy but otherwise look normal. I'm just concerned because she looks so HUGE and I think this is why she hasn't been adopted yet. Or, she could have gained a lot of weight just by sitting in her cage all day for weeks on end.

When I pick her up to put her back in her cage, I'm careful of her belly and she doesn't protest. My cat is a little fatty but not to this extent and she's definitely not firm in the lower region. That's what worries me the most.

Pics ahead. Just fat, or possibly pregnant?

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