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Lower back/tail pain?

Hi, all.

I have a lovely 7 year old neutered male cat who I take excellent care of. However just recently I've noticed when I pet his lowerback he seems to react out of discomfort and/or pain. Basically, he meows differently than usual and moves out of my hand's reach. I have not yet found a new vet since I've been living in a new city, but I'm going to look for one this weekend.

Has anyone else experienced this with their cat? I am worried it might be his kidneys causing the pain? But he seems to be using the litterbox normally, and eating and drinking and playing normally too. When I first got him at 1 year old, I was feeding him urinary tract health catfood for two years (they said neutered male cats should have that,) then switched to hairball control food + indoor catfood (all dry.) In the past six months, I've been feeding him wet food in addition to his dry food.

Are neutered males supposed to be on a urinary tract diet their whole lives?

I'm just trying to give as much info as I can, in the hopes someone might have an idea of what's up or what other symptoms I should be on the lookout for.

Thanks so much!!
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