Collecting Blues and Greens (journalismgirl) wrote in cathealth,

Neosporin for a cat?

Abby is an obsessive scratcher/groomer. We've been to the vet over this, and the vet has decided that it's a bad obssession/habit, and is not the result of allergies or fleas (she's been checked for both).

She's scratched a sore under her chin, which I discovered yesterday. It's not actively bleeding or an open wound (when she let me touch her chin, I could tell that it's not wet or open; it's all matted and dried). Can I put Neosporin on it, or is there something else that would work better?

Any ideas as to how to calm her or help her be less obssessive? Would Feliway help? This is the second time she's done this in eight months. We do regular nail trimmings, so I don't think it's a situation where her claws are too sharp for her own good.

Edit: I just talked to a tech at our vet clinic, and she said Neosporin is fine to use.
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