Jennifer (tiramisu_milano) wrote in cathealth,

Cleaning Up Cat Pee on Carpet

Ok. We have a problem. Our cats have been peeing all over the house. Right now I am not looking for advice as to how to solve the behavior problem (we'll tackle this next) I am just looking for advice as to how to get the cat pee SMELL out of the carpet/house.

I DO NOT WANT TO BE "ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE" whose house smells like cat pee! Help!! :)

What cleaner is the best? Most effective? Where can we buy it? What works? What doesn't?

We bought one of those UV/black-light-cat-pee-finder-lights, but it doesn't seem to work (we've used it in COMPLETE darkness on areas where we KNOW there is pee and nothing shows up!)

As for behavior (because I know someone is bound to offer advice on this anyways):) We keep BOTH litter boxes clean, clean, clean (we have three cats). We haven't moved or had anything drastic change in the house. We haven't changed litter/food. We've tried Feliway. Next step is possibily taking them to the vet to check for UTI.


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